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Subject Report of the ICAPP Mission to Nicaragua and the U.N.
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Date 2014/10/18
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Report of the ICAPP Mission to Nicaragua and the U.N.

(October 11-18, 2014)



Hon. Chung Eui-yong, Co-Chairman of the Standing Committee and Secretary General of the ICAPP, attended the 32nd Plenary Meeting of the COPPPAL which was held in Managua, Nicaragua during October 11-14, 2014, on behalf of the ICAPP. 


Mr. Chung also visited the U.N. headquarters in New York during October16-17 to meet with H.E. Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General, and representatives of several Member States from Latin America and discussed the ICAPP's initiative to obtain observer status in the U.N. General Assembly (UNGA).



I.           Visit to Nicaragua


The 32nd Plenary Meeting of the COPPPAL


The 32nd Plenary Meeting of the COPPPAL was attended by representatives of leading political parties from 27 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. It was a general assembly of the COPPPAL which is held annually. The main topics of the meeting were decolonization, exploitation of under-aged labor, improvement of communication between the government and the people and the grand canal construction project of Nicaragua. The meeting was presided over by Hon. Gustavo Caravajal Moreno, Deputy Chairman of the COPPPAL. The program of the meeting is attached as Appendix I.


At the request of the COPPPAL, Mr. Chung made a presentation in the morning session of October 13, which was attended by H.E. Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua and Chairman of the governing Sandinista National Liberation Front, and Hon. Cesar Camacho, Chairman of the COPPPAL and Chairman of the governing PRI of Mexico. Mr. Chung’s presentation was focused on the ICAPP’s recent activities, cooperation between the ICAPP and the COPPPAL, prospect for the trilateral cooperation among the ICAPP, COPPPAL and CAPP, and the ICAPP’s bid for observer status in the UN General Assembly. The text of his presentation is attached as Appendix II.


Meeting with COPPPAL Representatives


During his stay in Managua, Mr. Chung had a separate meeting with Hon. Gustavo Caravajal Moreno, Deputy Chairman of the COPPPAL, Mr. Jorge Perez Galicia Paz, Executive Secretary and Mr. Javier Vega Camargo, Deputy Executive Secretary of the COPPPAL, and discussed how to prepare for the forthcoming fifth Joint Session  between the ICAPP Standing Committee and the COPPPAL Coordinating Body to be held in Mexico City during November 26-28, 2014.


First of all, both sides confirmed the tentative program of the joint meeting and the first meeting of the Asian-Latina American Business Council (ALABC), as agreed in Colombo in September. The tentative program of the joint session is attached as Appendix III.


The COPPPAL also agreed to the main items for agenda as proposed by the ICAPP. And it was agreed that the first session of the ALABC meeting will be focused on cooperation in energy sector and the second session will include cooperation in all other sectors, as suggested by the COPPPAL.


Both sides also agreed to the following terms of reference for the ALABC subject to approval at the fifth ICAPP-COPPPAL Joint Session and the first meeting of the ALABC:

(1) The ALABC will be composed of the following members:

- Members of the ICAPP Standing Committee

- Members of the COPPPAL Coordinating Body

- Business Leaders from the countries which are represented at the ICAPP Standing Committee and the COPPPAL Coordinating Body (In principle, business membership of the ALABC will be open to any business leaders in Asia and Latin America who wish to join)

(2) The main functions of the ALABC will be (1) to help business communities of the two continents form closer linkage; (2) to explore potential ways and areas of business promotion; and (3) to expand economic cooperation in close coordination with leaders of the political parties.

(3) The ALABC will elect four Chairpersons from business leaders, two each from Asia and Latin America, and ten Vice Chairpersons, five each from Asia and Latin America. Their terms of office will be two years each.

(4) The meeting of the ALABC will be held regularly, at least once in two years, alternately in Asia and Latin America on a rotational basis, preferably back-to-back with either General Assembly or Standing Committee Meeting of the ICAPP, or Plenary Meeting of the COPPPAL.

(5) The ALABC may establish committees on specific topics or areas for potential cooperation, such as construction, energy, telecommunications, bio-agriculture, etc., for smaller group meetings among interested parties.


In addition, the COPPPAL agreed to provide local accommodation for up to two representatives from each participating political party and up to two business leaders from each country from the ICAPP side.


The COPPPAL also agreed to contact their members and governments in Cuba and Venezuela to arrange visit by the ICAPP mission to these countries in late November after the meeting in Mexico City to discuss future cooperation between the ICAPP and the principal political parties in the two countries, including their support for the ICAPP’s bid for observer status in the U.N. General Assembly.



II.         Visit to the U.N. Headquarters


Meeting with the UN Secretary General


Mr. Chung had a meeting with H.E. Ban Ki-moon on October 16 at his office in the U.N. Headquarters in New York and discussed how to further coordinate ICAPP activities with the U.N. programs and work. Mr. Chung, first of all, thanked Secretary General Ban for his continued support for the ICAPP activities and, in particular, for his warm and encouraging video message to the 8th General Assembly held in Colombo, Sri Lanka during September 18-21, 2014.


Mr. Chung made a brief presentation on the results of the 8th GA and the main activities of the ICAPP during the last two years, and presented to the UNSG two publications issued by the ICAPP Secretariat, “Report on the major activities of the ICAPP during 2013-14” and “Documents relating to the ICAPP’s application for the observer status in the UNGA”.


Secretary General Ban extended his congratulations on the successful conclusion of the 8th GA of the ICAPP. He particularly welcomed and complimented the decision by both the ruling Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the opposition United National Party of Sri Lank to co-host the event. In this regard, he praised the ICAPP’s role in, and contributions to, bringing together political leaders of different political ideologies, thus promoting reconciliation, at both national and international level, in Asia.


Secretary General Ban also encouraged the continued efforts by the ICAPP to win the consensus on its initiative to obtain observer status in the UNGA.


Meeting with Representatives of Latin American Missions to the UN


Mr. Chung also had meetings with the following representatives from three Member States from Latin America, which had expressed their reservations to the draft resolution to invite the ICAPP to the UNGA as an observer at the 68th session in 2013.

- Ms. Fernanda Millicay, Minister Plenipotentiary of Argentina

- Ms. Glenna Cabello de Daboin, Counsellor of Venezuela

- Ms. Tanieris Dieguez Lao, Third Secretary of Cuba


All three representatives appreciated the ICAPP’s efforts to coordinate its activities with the U.N. programs and made clear that their governments do not have any objection to such efforts. They explained that the reservations of their governments on granting observer status to the ICAPP is purely on legal ground, and once again pointed out that, according to the UN Resolution of 1999, observer status in the UNGA should be granted to inter-governmental organizations.


Mr. Chung again responded that there have been four exceptions to the criteria since the resolution was adopted in 1999, and, in consideration of the unique nature of the organization which is open to all political parties across political spectrum, the ICAPP deserves special consideration by Member States. He also mentioned that it would be possible for the ICAPP to share the observer status with the COPPPAL, and eventually with the CAPP, such as by forming joint delegations to U.N. meetings once it is granted observer status.


Mr. Chung also informed the representatives of Cuba and Venezuela that the ICAPP is planning to send its mission to their capitals to follow up on the issue in late November after the joint session with the COPPPAL in Mexico City, and requested them to recommend their governments to receive the ICAPP mission.


The three representatives said that they would report to their respective governments on the ICAPP’s requests. Ms. Glenna Cabello of Venezuela, in particular, said she would contact her brother, Hon. Diosdado Cabello, who is Speaker of the Parliament and Deputy Leader of the governing Partido Socialista Unido of Venezuela (PSUV: United Socialist Party of Venezuela), and pass the information of the ICAPP’s plan to send its mission to Caracas.






I.           Program of the 32nd Plenary Meeting of the COPPPAL

II.         Presentation by Mr. Chung Eui-yong

III.        Tentative Program of the 5th ICAPP-COPPPAL Joint Session

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