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Subject Report of the ICAPP Mission to Indonesia
Writer ICAPP
Date 2015/10/07
File Report of the ICAPP Mission to Indonesia.pdf(140.6 KB)
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Report of the ICAPP Mission to Indonesia

(October 6-7, 2015)



Hon. Chung Eui-yong, Co-Chairman of the Standing Committee and Secretary General of the ICAPP, visited Jakarta, Indonesia during October 6-7, 2015, and had meetings with leaders of the GOLKAR Party. The main purpose was to prepare a more concrete proposal for the 26th SC Meeting and the 1st Trilateral Meeting among ICAPP, COPPPAL and CAPP to be held in Bandung next April prior to the 25th SC Meeting to be held in Beijing on October 15, and also to confirm Indonesia's support for the ICAPP's observer status in the UNGA, which is to be considered at the Sixth Committee of the 70th session of the UNGA on October 19.


1.      26th SC Meeting and the 1st Trilateral Meeting


Mr. Chung had a meeting with Hon. Aburizal Bakrie, Chairman, Hon. Theo Sambuaga, Vice Chairman, Hon. Tantowi Yahya, Vice Chairman of Commission I of the House of Representatives, and other leaders of the GOLKAR Party on October 6. At the meeting, Chairman Bakrie confirmed the plan to co-host the 26th SC Meeting and the 1st Trilateral Meeting with the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) in Bandung during April 22-24, 2016.


Mr. Chung had another meeting with Mr. Sambuaga, Mr. Yahya and Ms. Iris Indira Murti, Chairperson of the International Cooperation Board of the GOLKAR Party, on October 7, had further discussions on how to organize the two meetings. It was agreed that Mr. Sambuaga will make a presentation at the 25th SC Meeting on the details of the plan, including the program. It was also agreed that the co-hosts will make a few suggestions for the main theme of the Trilateral Meeting at the SC Meeting.


Mr. Sambuaga also confirmed that the GOLKAR Party had held consultations with representatives of the PDI-P and agreed to set up a joint Organizing Committee for the two meetings.


2.      Indonesia's Support for the ICAPP’s Observer Status in the UNGA


At the meeting on October 7, Hon. Tantowi Yahya informed Mr. Chung that he had talked with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia over the telephone just prior to the meeting, and the Minister had agreed to give instructions to Indonesian Permanent Representative to the U.N. immediately to co-sponsor the draft resolution to invite the ICAPP as an observer to the UNGA.


3.      Representation of the GOLKAR in the ICAPP


At the meeting with Chairman Bakrie on October 6, Mr. Chung informed that some SC Members were of the view that the other faction in the GOLKAR Party led by Hom. Agung Laksono should also be invited to ICAPP activities, including SC meetings. But it was agreed that the ICAPP should not allow two different factions of a party to compete for legitimate representation in ICAPP activities, in particular SC meetings, and the issue should be settled between the different factions in the party. Mr. Chung also pointed out that Mr. Sambuaga has been the SC Member representing the GOLKAR Party from the very beginning and all SC Members highly appreciate his contributions to the ICAPP. He also said that it is the hope of all SC Members that this issue will be resolved among the leaders in the GOLKAR Party in an amicable and smooth manner.


Chairman Bakrie expressed his appreciation to ICAPP’s position, but strongly suggested that only his faction represents the GOLKAR legitimately.  He also strongly emphasized this is a domestic political issue of Indonesia, which should be settled among Indonesians. He also said this issue will be soon settled legally in any event.


In this regard, the final ruling on which faction will have legitimate representation of the GOLKAR Party is expected to be made at the Indonesian Supreme Court by the end of October.


After the meeting with Chairman Bakrie, Mr. Chung also had a meeting with the leaders of the other faction in the GOLKAR Party, including Hon. Agung Laksono, Former Speaker of the House of Representatives and Coordinating Minister, Hon. Rene F. Manembu, Head of Bureau(he was introduced as Secretary General of the GOLKAR Party), Hon. Yasril Ananta Baharuddin, Former Member of Parliament and Hon. Pieter Wattimena, Former Air Marshal, Indonesian Air Force. They also confirmed their strong support for the ICAPP activities. They, in particular, agreed to fully support and coordinate with other political leaders to make the 26th SC meeting and the Trilateral Meeting most successful.


As for the issue of representation in the ICAPP, Mr. Chung delivered the same message. Mr. Laksono also expressed his appreciation to ICAPP’s position, and said that his faction will have no objection to Mr. Sambuaga’s representation of the GOLKAR Party in the ICAPP Standing Committee. He expressed his hope, however, that representatives of his faction will be given opportunities to participate in the ICAPP activities, including the SC meetings. Mr. Chung advise them to coordinate with Mr. Sambuaga.


4.      Meetings with other leaders


A meeting with H.E. Vice President Jusuf Kalla had been arranged for October 7, but the VP had to postpone his return to Indonesia to the evening of October 8. Vice President Kalla was visiting the U.S. after attending the U.N. Summit and planning to return to Jakarta on October 5 after a medical check-up. But he was advised to stay extra days for additional tests, but nothing serious.


In this regard, Mr. Chung had a separate meeting with Mr. Erwin Aksa, Chairman of Bosowa Group and Vice Chairman of the ICBC, who is also one of close advisors of the VP, and asked him to deliver the letters and other related documents to the VP. Mr. Aksa agreed to personally remind the VP as soon as possible of the commitment he made at his meeting with Mr. Chung in Seoul on August 26 to support the ICAPP activities, including the UN initiative, the Trilateral Meeting, etc.


A meeting with H.E. Megawati Sukarnoputri, former president of Indonesia and President of the PDI-P, was also arranged for the evening of October 7, but it had to be postponed to the following morning due to unavoidable changes in her schedule at the last minute. But unfortunately Mr. Chung had to take the early morning plane on October 8 to return to Seoul. It was later confirmed, through representatives of the GOLKAR Party, that the PDI-P will soon designate its representative to the ICAPP Standing Committee and send its representatives to the 25th SC Meeting in Beijing. Madam Megawati is also planning to attend the Special Conference on the Silk Road.

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