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Subject Statement on the Peace Process of Nepal
Writer ICAPP
Date 2010/02/28
File Statement on the Peace Process of Nepal.pdf(97.6 KB)
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ICAPP Statement on the Peace Process of Nepal

(Kathmandu, Nepal, February 28, 2010)



The Members of the Standing Committee of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP), who have attended their 12th Meeting held in Kathmandu, Nepal during February 26-28, 2010, expressed their complete support and solidarity for the efforts of the people and the Government of Nepal under the able leadership of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal to successfully conclude the peace process and the constitution-making process, and gear up for economic development.  In this regard, the Members shared the view with the Prime Minister that “freedom rang hollow where there was no development, and development lost its soul if it was not accompanied by freedom.”


The Members also reaffirmed the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity, political independence, non-interference and peaceful settlement of disputes as the bedrock of international relations, and recognized that the coming few months before May 2010 date for the promulgation of a new democratic constitution are critical for the successful conclusion of the peace process in Nepal.  In this regard, the Members welcomed commitments by all political parties in Nepal to expedite the on-going peace process in the country and to work together in a spirit of cooperation, consensus and compromise in order to continue the transition to a durable long-term solution to enable the country to move to a peaceful, democratic and more prosperous future.  The Members also made strong commitments to share their expertise and experiences in constitution-making and provide whatever possible support and assistance to bring the peace process in Nepal to a most successful conclusion as envisaged by the people of Nepal.


The Members took a particular note of the recent proposal put forward by the Prime Minister of Nepal to the Special Committee on having a timetable action plan for the integration and rehabilitation of Maoist combatants by May 15, 2010 and called upon all stakeholders to work together to ensure the completion and implementation of this plan by the May 15 deadline as proposed by the Prime Minister.  In this regard, the Members strongly appealed to all political parties in Nepal to cease activities which violate the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of November 21, 2006 and disrupt daily life as well as the functioning of Government offices, sharply escalating tensions around the country.


The Members welcomed the recent decision by the U.N. Security Council to extend the mandate of the U.N. Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) until May 10, 2010 and called upon all political parties in Nepal to take full advantage of the expertise and readiness of the Mission to advance the peace process, facilitate the completion of the Mission’s outstanding tasks and continue to lay the foundation for a peaceful, democratic and prosperous future.  In this regard, the Members recommended U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to visit Nepal at an earliest possible date and meet leaders of all political parties in Nepal to help them successfully conclude the peace process.

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