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Subject ICAPP Update (11-03)
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Date 2011/02/08
File 11-03-Report of Advance Team for Nepal.pdf(57.1 KB)

ICAPP Update (11-03)


Dear Members of the Standing Committee,


As we have informed you earlier, Hon. Sok Sath, Former Cambodian Ambassador to India, Hon. Suos Yara, Former Secretary General of the Secretariat of the 6th GA, and Hon. Alberto Encomienda, Former Ambassador of the Philippines to Malaysia have visited Nepal as an ICAPP/CAPDI advance team to meet with the leaders of the three major political parties of Nepal and to deliver the invitation to an informal meeting on "Peace Consultation for Nepal" to be held in Phnom Penh early this year.


The Secretariat received the report from the advance team today, which is attached herewith. According to the report, the leaders of the three major political parties of Nepal all welcomed the joint ICAPP/CAPDI initiative and suggested the fourth week of February 2011 as the convenient date for them for the Peace Consultation.


With best regard,


Chung Eui-yong
Secretary General
ICAPP Secretariat
Seoul, Korea
February 8, 2011


Attachment: As stated.


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