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January 14, 2011



Declaration of the 1st Joint Session between the ICAPP SC and the COPPPAL CB

(Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 31, 2009)


We, the Members of the Coordinating Body of the Conference of Political Parties in Latin America and the Caribbean (hereinafter referred to as the COPPPAL), a most important multilateral forum in the American Continent since 1999, currently joined by 58 political parties from 28 countries,  and the Standing Committee of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (hereinafter referred to as the ICAPP), an open forum for all political parties in Asia, launched in 2000 and currently with over 240 political parties from 45 countries eligible for participation in its activities, held their first inter-continental meeting under the main theme of  the Current Global Challenges and the Role of Political Parties in Buenos Aires, Capital City of the Argentine Republic, during July 30 to 31, 2009.


First of all, we reaffirmed our commitment to the following principles in further promoting cooperation among the political parties in our two continents:

-        To respect territorial integrity and sovereignty of each country;

-        To respect diversity in cultural and social values of each country, and in political ideologies of each political party;

-        To adhere to the rule of law and good governance;

-        To abide by the U.N. Charter and reject any form of violence as a means to resolve differences among nations;

-        To further promote multilateralism to meet the current global challenges, both the financial crisis and terrorism, as well as to fight against drug trafficking; and

-        -To reject colonialism in all its forms and manifestations.


We, in particular, discussed the role of political parties in the following context:

-        To construct a just international order and build a common strategy to meet the current global challenges;

-        To promote cooperation and integration between our two continents, especially in the fields of education, technology and environment;

-        To build capacity of producing able political leaders and responsible citizens; and

-        To raise public awareness for democracy and good governance.


We took note that the relations among nations are mostly dictated and defined by the policies of their governments as well as by their commercial and financial exchanges, and agreed that the moment has come for political parties, as carriers of people´s will, to assume more responsibility in shaping such relations.  In this regard, we recognized that, without sound solid basis of political support in each country, key issues we face today including the recent global challenges cannot be tackled in a sustainable way.


We also agreed that it is essential to further increase cooperation and solidarity between our two continents through increased contacts and exchanges among the political parties thereof to meet the current challenges and defend our common objectives of peace and prosperity.   We noted that the fates of many nations in the two continents have been greatly affected by the interests of foreign powers and institutions in the past, despite the fact that our two continents together represent 50% of the total land area of the Earth, 68% of the world population and 53% of the world GDP.


We further agreed to closely coordinate the following activities to promote and safeguard our common interests:

-        To increase mutual understanding, trust, dialogue, and cooperation among the political parties of the two continents through more frequent contacts and exchanges;

-        To encourage our respective governments and legislatures to reinforce and continue their political, economic, social and cultural ties through increased  exchanges in various fields;

-        To provide political ambiance for our governments to expand  cooperation and coordination in their policies on the various political and economic issues being debated in various international fora with a special emphasis on bringing together the countries that have been less fortunate with the benefits of globalization and affected more severely by the recent global challenges; and

-        To urge the international community to take urgent, remedial measures to combat the global financial crisis and to contain its severe after-effects on developing countries and their peoples, including efforts at their poverty alleviation and economic stabilization through speedy assistance.


We were totally convinced that the strong bonds between our two institutions will contribute not only to further integrating our two continents, but also to bringing more justice and equity in international order by expanding cooperation in resolving differences through dialogue and consensus and bringing in more democratic values.   In this context, we identified the following initiatives, among others, as our joint priority projects:


-        Reduction of poverty and narrowing of gap between the poor and the rich, both within and among nations, which has been further widened in recent years;

-        Promotion of Inter-faith and inter-cultural dialogue;

-        Creation of micro-financing and “debt-for-equity” programs for developing economies;

-        Establishment of a bi-continental development bank and increased cooperation and coordination between the Inter-American Development Bank and the Asia Development Bank;

-        Promotion and protection of migrant workers’ rights;

-        Promotion of technological cooperation between the two continents to guarantee a sustainable human development;

-        Consolidation and coordination of policies to protect environments in both continents, in particular their biodiversity;

-        Fighting against drug trafficking and organized crime;

-        Providing financial support for mainstream political parties as a means to prevent political corruption; and

-        Supporting women’s social and political participation.


We welcome the forthcoming General Assembly of the ICAPP to be held in Astana, Kazakhstan in September 2009 as a timely initiative to bring us together again in our common quest for a better tomorrow.


We agreed to meet regularly in the future and to hold the Second Joint Session between the COPPPAL Coordinating Body and the ICAPP Standing Committee at a site in Asia to be decided later through consultation during the first half of 2011.


Buenos Aires, July 31, 2009


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