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Subject ICAPP Update (20-26): Changes to the Rules of Procedure for the 34th Meeting of the ICAPP Standing Committee
Writer ICAPP
Date 2020/11/26
File ICAPP Update (20-26) 201123 (Final) Rules of Procedure for the 34th SC Meeting.pdf(241.9 KB)

ICAPP Update (20-26) Changes to the Rules of Procedure for the 34th Meeting of the ICAPP Standing Committee

Dear Distinguished Members of the ICAPP Standing Committee,


This is to inform you of the following changes to the "Rules of Procedure" for the 34th Meeting of the ICAPP Standing Committee, which will be held online via Zoom at 15:00 pm Korea Standard Time (06:00 am GMT) on 25 November 2020.


The following changes were made to reflect suggestions from SC Members with regards to the "Time Limit per SC Member." The attached version of the "Rules of Procedure" is an updated version of the document in the ICAPP Update 20-20, which was sent out on 10 November 2020. 

Time Limit per SC Member

·  SC Members will be allocated three minutes each for their initial remarks.

·  After everyone on the Speaker List has finished, SC Members may have an additional two minutes for further comments or responses to other SC Members’ remarks.

·  When an SC Member’s initial presentation exceeds the three-minute time limit, the additional time spent will be deducted from the two additional minutes reserved for his/her second presentation.

·  A timer will be set on the screen for each SC Member: For the initial presentation, the timer will indicate how much time has elapsed and for the second presentation, it will indicate the remaining time.

·  Each SC Member should not exceed a total of five minutes across both presentations. If an SC Member exceeds a total of five minutes, the microphone will be muted automatically.

·  If an SC Member does not use all of the three minutes for the first presentation, the unused time will not be added to the time limit for the second presentation. He/she will still be allocated two minutes for the second presentation.

·  Given the time constraints, only two Observers, Council of African Political Parties (CAPP) and Permanent Conference of Political Parties in Latin America and Caribbean (COPPPAL) will be invited to join the meeting. Observers will have one opportunity to speak for three (3) minutes each.

As a reminder, all SC Members are kindly requested to prepare their remarks with a focus on the items in the Annotated Agenda, which was sent out on 25 November 2020 via the ICAPP Update 20-25.


Also, participants who would like to have the text or summary of their remarks displayed on the screen during their presentation are advised to send them to the Secretariat by today, 23 November 2020 at the latest.


Best regards,

Cho Byung-jae
Secretary General of the ICAPP
Seoul, Korea

23 November 2020


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