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Subject ICAPP Update (12-28)
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Date 2012/06/15
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ICAPP Update (12-28)

Dear Members of the ICAPP Standing Committee,

This is in continuation of the ICAPP Update (12-19), dated May 22, 2012, regarding the establishment of the following three ICAPP-affiliated groups. The copy of the update is attached for your ready reference.

(1) ICAPP Youth Wing
(2) ICAPP Media Forum
(3) ICAPP-COPPPAL Economic Council

In this regard, the SC Members from Cambodia and Malaysia are requested to kindly prepare and submit a more detailed proposal on the ICAPP Youth Wing at the 17th SC Meeting in Baku as have been agreed at the 16th SC Meeting in Seoul last October.

As for the ICAPP Media Forum and the ICAPP-COPPPAL Economic Council, SC Members are requested to nominate one journalist and one business leader each from their respective countries to form the two groups at their earliest convenience. The activities and work programs of the two groups will be further discussed at the17th SC Meeting next week.

With warm regards,

Chung Eui-yong
Co-Chairman of the Standing Committee
and Secretary General of the ICAPP
Seoul, Korea
June 15, 2012

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