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Subject Report on the Results of the ICAPP Mission to the European Parliament
Writer ICAPP
Date 2015/09/23
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Report on the Results of the ICAPP Mission to the European Parliament

(September 22-23, 2015)



Hon. Chung Eui-yong, Co-Chairman and Secretary General of the ICAPP, visited the European Parliament (EP) in Brussels, Belgium during September 22-23, 2015. Mr. Chung had meetings with leaders and representatives of the four leading groups of political parties in the EP, i.e. the EPP, S&D, ECR and ALDE. The list of the representatives of the four groups Mr. Chung met during his visit is as follows.


1. European People's Party (EPP, 217/751)

- Hon. Dr. Paul Rubig, MEP (Austria)

- Mr. Patrick F.P. Voller, Secretary of External Relations

- Mr. Romain Strasser, Head of the Human Resources Unit, Adviser for the Delegation for relations with the Korean Peninsula

- Mr. Thomas Benedikt Thaler, Head of Office for MEP Dr. Paul Rubig


2. Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D, 190/751)

- Dr. Zoltan Simon, Head of Unit for Development Policy and Human Rights in Africa, Asia and Oceania, and Senior Adviser on Middle East Peace Process

- Mr. Jorgen Siil, Political Adviser on Foreign Affairs, Security and Defense Unit

- Ms. Cecilia Gondard, Political Adviser, Global Progressive Forum (GPF)


3. European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR, 74/751)

- Hon. Ms. Helga Stevens, MEP (Belgium), Vice Chair of ECR and Co-Chair of Disability Intergroup


4. Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Europe (ALDE, 70/751)

- Hon. Urmas Paet, MEP (Estonia), and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia


At the meetings, Mr. Chung made a brief introduction on the history and recent activities of the ICAPP and explained that his main purpose of the visit to the EP is to establish regular contacts between the ICAPP and the groups of political parties in the EP. He discussed the possibility of establishing regular dialogue and promoting exchanges and cooperation between the ICAPP and the groups of European political parties, including cross-participating in each other’s major events as observers and coordinating each other’s activities to meet common challenges like climate change, terrorism, migration, etc.


In particular, Mr. Chung informed the European political leaders of the ICAPP’s recent efforts to reach out to political parties in other continents, like Latin America and Africa, and of its plan to hold the first trilateral meeting among the ICAPP Standing Committee, the COPPPAL Governing Body and the CAPP Executive Council in Bandung, Indonesia in April 2016, and expressed his hope that the groups of political parties in the EP would also participate in the meeting as observers.


The leaders and representatives of the groups of political parties in the EP welcomed and appreciated the initiative of the ICAPP to establish regular contacts with them, and responded positively to the proposals and the invitations to attend the future ICAPP meetings as observers. They all said that, although they would need to consult with other leaders in their groups, there would be no problem for their groups in establishing regular contacts and promoting closer cooperation with the ICAPP.


During the meetings, an idea was emerged to form an "ICAPP-EU Political Forum (IEPF)" and hold the meeting of the IEPF on a regular basis either in Asia and Europe. The representatives of the all four groups in the EP responded positively to the idea. It was agreed that more detailed discussions on the idea will be made through further contacts between the ICAPP Secretariat and the representatives of the groups.


EPP representatives recommended that the ICAPP also establish regular contact with the International Democratic Union (IDU) and the Centrist Democrat International (CDI), and also expressed their interest in promoting trade and business, in particular among Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), between Asia and Europe, and in cooperating to facilitate multilateral trade negotiations through the World Trade Organization (WTO).


S&D representatives recommended that the ICAPP also establish regular contacts with the Socialists International (SI) and the Party of European Socialists. They also said that the Global Progressive Forum (GPF), established in their group, could play a more proactive role in further promoting cooperation with the ICAPP. They also briefed their close relations with the SOCDEM (Socialists and Democrats) in Asia.


Hon. Helga Stevens, Vice Chair of the ECR, expressed her special interest in the activities of the ICAPP Women’s Wing, especially its fight against human trafficking, and hoped that the women politicians in Asia and Europe would form an alliance to meet their common challenges and proposed to coordinate their activities with the Women in Parliament (WIP) as well. Being one of the two deaf MEPs, Ms. Stevens also expressed her keen interest in promoting rights of the disabled in the world.


During his visit, Mr. Chung also met with Hon. Ahn Chong-gi, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the EU, and Hon. Vuong Thua Phong, Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the EU and Former Member of the ICAPP Standing Committee, and briefed them on the results of his meetings with the representatives of the political parties in the EP and requested their support and cooperation in establishing close cooperative relations between the ICAPP and European political parties.


Attached is the program of Mr. Chung's visit to EP.

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