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Subject Speech by Hon. Lim Su-kyung at the 2nd ICAPP Workshop on Human Trafficking
Writer ICAPP
Date 2015/05/03
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Speech by Hon. Lim Su-kyung,

Member of the National Assembly,

New Politics Alliance for Democracy, Republic of Korea

at the 2nd ICAPP Workshop on Human Trafficking

(Phnom Penh, Aptil 30, 2015)


Good morning                                                                 

I am Lim Su-Kyung, Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea.

It is my pleasure to see so many familiar faces here again this year.


We are holding the 2nd Workshop on Human Trafficking, and I believe it represents a valuable opportunity for us to recall the <Kathmandu Statement> we adopted last year and work to protect the human rights of people in Asia and formulate practical cooperative measures based on the recognition that human trafficking is our common challenge.


I think this year’s 2nd ICAPP Workshop on Human Trafficking is particularly meaningful. As we speak, the crimes of human trafficking are undermining universal human rights and freedom regardless of borders. This is why we have to recognize the gravity of the problem and make collective efforts to eradicate human trafficking. 


We should work harder to make sure that countries prescribe proper regulations on human trafficking in their respective laws and systems, while also ensuring that such legislation is suitable and well-functioning in conjunction with the collective efforts of Asia and of all humankind. We must never allow organizations, and their members, that hold the public responsibility of eradicating human trafficking, such as government officials, to take part in, or overlook, this severe violation of human rights, and we need to revamp system to support strict decisions by courts on human trafficking cases. In addition, organized human trafficking and human trafficking perpetrated by trusted persons like family members should be punished as aggravated crimes, and harsher punishments should be imposed for the human trafficking of women, children, and people with disabilities.


As cooperation between countries is crucial to this end, I hereby argue that we need to encourage the sharing of information on the status of human trafficking and criminal methods, to sign and ratify more extradition treaties between countries for the investigation and punishment of human trafficking crimes, to conduct joint investigations into the status of human trafficking, to establish a network among NGOs, and set up a fund to support these endeavors. In particular, I would like to urge you once again to work together to promote national and multilateral cooperation on immigration control and prepare joint measures in response to the growing problems of transnational human trafficking.


To combat human trafficking with stronger law enforcement and victim protection , the United Nations is proposing the “5P’ s” (Protection, Prosecution, Punishment, Prevention, and Promotion), “3R’ s” (Redress, Rehabilitation/Recovery, and Re-integration), and “3C’ s” (Capacity, Cooperation, and Coordination).


Under such basic principles and strategies, we need to make concerted efforts to eliminate human trafficking and enhance human rights in Asia by dealing with the unique circumstances of human trafficking in Asia through strong solidarity and cooperation


Honorable participants!!


It is my belief that the level and methods of protecting the human rights of the most vulnerable people can be used as a barometer to measure the human rights status of a society and country. Human trafficking is a crime against human rights which targets the vulnerable groups such as children, women, and people with disabilities. Therefore, I think prevention, severe punishment, and victim protection in cases of human trafficking are steps toward making Asia safer, freer, and more hopeful.


Once again, I would like to extend my encouragement to the representatives from various countries who have gathered here for all of our safety and happiness as we share this sense of cooperation and solidarity. The National Assembly of Korea, and myself will actively cooperate with political parties from various Asian countries to discuss, and seek solutions to global issues like human trafficking under the leadership of ICAPP. I have no doubt that our combined efforts and passion for the protection of women’s human rights and the empowerment of women will bear positive results.

Thank you for your kind attention.


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