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Subject Closing Remarks by Hon. Park In-sook at the 2nd ICAPP Workshop on Human Trafficking
Writer ICAPP
Date 2015/05/04
File Closing Remarks by Hon. Park In Sook.pdf(135.7 KB)

Closing Remarks by Hon. Park In-sook,

Co-Chairperson of the ICAPP Women’s Wing,

Member of the National Assembly, Saenuri (New Frontier) Party, Republic of Korea

at the 2nd ICAPP Workshop on Human Trafficking

(Phnom Penh, Aptil 30, 2015)


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is my great pleasure to be addressing you here today in this beautiful country, the Kingdom of Wonder, Cambodia.


With the participation of 16 political parties from 12 countries, the 2nd ICAPP Workshop on Human Trafficking has resulted in dynamic debates, sharing of best practices and success stories, and also, an invaluable opportunity for us to recognize areas for improvement in the fight against trafficking in persons.


I truly believe that the various perspectives and experiences, which we have learned from one another during the workshop, will equip the political and civil society leaders, and in turn, the international community in our region, to take the next steps to continue the fight against trafficking. In this regard, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the Cambodian People’s Party and the Funcinpec Party for co-hosting this important workshop and the ICAPP Secretariat for being a strong supporter and organizer of this event as well as TIKA and KOICA for their generous co-sponsorship. This event really would not have been possible without the support of the aforementioned organizations.


The ICAPP Workshop on Human Trafficking was first launched in Kathmandu, Nepal, last year, when the five leading political parties of Nepal co-hosted the workshop. Kathmandu was the place of origin of the ICAPP’s dialogue on this crucial topic. In fact, it was Honorable Sujata Koirala, Former Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Member of the ICAPP Standing Committee and Vice Chairperson of the ICAPP Women’s Wing, who had first suggested the idea of such a workshop to the ICAPP Women’s Wing Bureau Members. Having attended the bureau meeting in my capacity as the Co-Chairperson of the ICAPP Women’s Wing, I still remember how she chose to strongly recommend the organization of a workshop on human trafficking, amongst all other topics. During that meeting, she emphasized that trafficking in persons is at the very core of women’s issues in Asia, and there is a dire need to address this topic by providing a platform for exchanges between all stakeholders.


For this reason, I was very much saddened when Her Excellency could not attend the workshop due to the recent devastating earthquake in Nepal. Nevertheless, I would like to send my special regards and condolences to her and Nepal on behalf of the ICAPP Women’s Wing, which is much indebted to their insightful contributions to its activities. I would also like to wish Nepal a quick recovery from the disaster and successful rebuilding of a community into an even stronger and united nation.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, with the closing session today as the last part of the workshop program, the 2nd ICAPP Workshop on Human Trafficking in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, will have been successfully convened and come to an end.


As the Co-Chairperson of the ICAPP Women’s Wing, I would like to congratulate all of you for successfully completing the workshop. At the same time, I would like to make a small suggestion to you, upon your leaving this workshop, and returning to your respective home countries. The suggestion is that, with the new information and experiences you have gained through this workshop, you look at the issue of human trafficking at a new angle, and come up with innovative strategies to tackle problems differently in an innovative manner.


Various new ideas have been presented by different delegates during the workshop. I sincerely request that you consider these experiences and suggestions and seek ways to implement them in your respective countries, for this is the purpose of our workshop. We hope to foster awareness and sharing of information, experiences and ideas, and to encourage you ? the political and civil society leaders of today ? to contemplate the issue with vigor and an innovative perspective. We have faith that the participants of this workshop will bring into implementation the best practices and useful information they have gained from this workshop and share them with the rest of the world.


The ICAPP Women’s Wing will continue to exert efforts for the empowerment of women and promotion of gender equality in close cooperation with governments, NGOs, in addition to various political parties of the world.


Thank you.

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