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Since its inaugural meeting in Manila in September 2000, the ICAPP, International Conference of Asian Political Parties, has grown steadily in both membership and influence. At first, few people thought that it would be possible to bring together competing governing, opposition and independent political parties in Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, West Asia, Middle East and Oceania. But the meetings have been visionary, cordial, constructive and successful. Simply by bringing together Asia's political leaders in fraternal assemblies regularly, the ICAPP has become a positive force for mutual understanding among Asian countries and peoples. And now more than 300 political parties in the region with diverse political and ideological backgrounds are eligible to participate in ICAPP activities.

Five General Assemblies of the ICAPP, which have been successfully held in Manila, Bangkok, Beijing, Seoul and Astana, brought together political leaders in the region to exchange opinions and communicate with each other, and helped strengthen unity among Asian countries and propel Asia along the road toward stability and prosperity. We are now looking forward to gather again for the 6th General Assembly of the ICAPP in Phnom Penh during December 1 to 4, 2010. We believe that it will be a good occasion to celebrate the achievements the ICAPP has made over the last ten years.

The ICAPP Standing Committee, which is comprised of the 18 leading political parties representing different sub-regions of Asia, has also been meeting regularly, more than twice a year since 2004, to organize ICAPP activities and programs in an effective and concerted way. Special conferences and workshops have also been convened for the ICAPP members on key challenges we are facing in the region, such as prevention of political corruption and alleviation of poverty. The ICAPP is preparing to host another special conference on the issues relating to natural disasters and environmental protection in 2011.

Recently, we are also trying to reach out to other regions in the world. The first joint session was successfully held in Buenos Aires in July 2009 with the COPPPAL, the Permanent Conference of Political Parties in Latin America and the Caribbean. We are now in contact with key political parties in Africa, in coordination with the COPPPAL, to organize the first trilateral meeting of political parties in Asia, Africa and Latin America in a very near future.

We are confident more than ever that the ICAPP will play a key and continuing role not only in Asia's inevitable movement to build an Asian community, but also in the global quest for a more peaceful and prosperous world.

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