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List of Eligible Political Parties in Iraq
(Information updated as of April 30, 2014)

Official Name: Republic of Iraq
Parliament: Council of Representatives
Parliamentary Leadership: Salim al-Jabouri
Website: www.parliament.iq
Last Election: April 30, 2014
Next Election: April, 2018
No. of Seats in the parliament: 328
Eligible by number of seats won
- State of Law Coalition
- Sadrist Movement (Al-Tayyar al-Sadri)
- Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (Al-Muwatin)
- United for Reform Coalition (Mutahidoun)
- Kurdistan Democratic Party (Part?ya Demokrata Kurdistan)
- Iraqi National Accord (Al-Wataniya)
- Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (Yeket? Ni?t?man? Kurdistan)
- Iraqi Front for National Dialogue (Al-Arabiya)
- Movement for Change (Gorran)
- Islamic Virtue Party (Al-Fadhila)
- National Reform Movement (Al-Islah)
- Diyala is Our Identity
- Kurdistan Islamic Union (Yekgirtuy Islami Kurdistan)
Eligible by popular votes won
- Islamic Group in Kurdistan (Komele Islami le Kurdistan)
- Civil Democratic Alliance